Sexual Enhancement Drugs

Sexual Enhancement Pills

Congratulations!! If you made it to this page, then you took the first step to a solution to your manhood problem. The first step is acknowledgement. Most men keep ignoring this issue that they are experiencing. You are not alone! 43% of adult men over the age of 22 are experiencing this problem in the United States.

There are many common factors that lead to impotency. The factors included low sex drive, stress, fatigue, being over-weight, or even over consumption of alcohol. So you see it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a medical condition that requires a doctor visit. We could all use a “pick me up” every now and then. ( No pun intended) There are thousands of sexual enhancement pills out there all claiming to be the holy grail of major wood. Don’t waste your time and money searching the internet. Here are the ones we chose…

Penis Enlargement Pills

We have tested 70 different brands of penis enlargement pills. Most were claiming to give a man a gain of 5 to 7 inches in length and at least 3 inches in girth. We can debunk that claim. None of them gave us more than 3 inches. So if at least 3 inches is enough for your mini-me, here are the results of our testing…

Erectile Dysfunction Pills

If you think that Viagra is the only way to deal with erectile dysfunction, think again. Here are some great alternatives to the little blue pill. These alternative drugs are far less expensive and produce the same great results. Some results are proven to be even better than Viagra.

Testosterone Replacement Pills

There comes a time in every mans life when a man doesn’t feel the strength or vigor he once did as a fearless 18 year old. For some men that feeling come as soon as he hits his early 20’s, while others don’t feel the sting till he reaches his 60’s. Whether it happens early or late in life , its the inevitable.

The culprit is a declination in testosterone. The pills that we have tried and tested all have natural ingredients. Be careful with the ones that are not on our list. They may cause more harm than good because of the unnatural ingredients used in them. Our testosterone replacement pills that are here on The Towel Hanger are sure to get you back to the man that you once were.